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Go paperless with online documents, the convenient way to view your deposit account, loan statements, notices and tax forms while helping to save the planet. With online documents you can:


  • End the paper clutter and the need for filing space
  • Receive documents faster and view at a touch of a button
  • View, print, send, or save to your computer or flash drive
  • Alleviate mail fraud or mail theft
  • Become more eco-friendly

How it Works

Once you sign up for online documents, you will receive an e-mail or text letting you know that your document is ready. After you log in to Business eBanking, your statements and notices can be found by selecting Reports > Statements and Documents.

How to Sign Up

If you are a sub-user, you must be entitled by your administrator for this service.

To enroll in online documents, simply login and go to Reports > Statements and documents, select "View and maintain document preferences", update the delivery preference to Online, and click “Continue.” Click "I agree" to the Business eBanking Online Documents Agreement and "Save Preferences".

Become more Eco-Friendly

By switching to online statements and notices, you'll help save pounds of paper, reduce wastewater, use fewer trash bags and help preserve the forest from deforestation. Switching to online documents is a move you can feel good about.

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