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Payee Positive Pay

With millions of checks in circulation each day, businesses don’t have the time or resources to inspect each one. Yet, no one can afford to ignore the fact that some checks are fraudulently drawn on business accounts. Unfortunately, fraud is usually undetected until after the check is paid. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) requires all unauthorized checks to be returned within 24-hours from when it posts to your account.

Payee Positive Pay is the most effective method to protect your account from unauthorized activity. This service automatically compares the list of checks issued with checks presented for payment. If there are discrepancies, all unmatched checks are reviewed and approved or rejected by you – before the check is paid – to ensure proper authorization. Payee Positive Pay features multiple reporting tools such as a list of outstanding checks to help you manage your cash position.

Reverse Positive Pay

In addition to the features of Positive Pay, Reverse Positive Pay lets you monitor and approve or decline each check that is presented for payment without the need to share your list of issued checks with the bank.

ACH Positive Pay – For Incoming ACH Debits

Did you know that NACHA rules require a business-to-business unauthorized or fraudulent electronic item to be returned within 24 hours from posting to your account? ACH Positive Pay is the most effective method to arm your business with the information needed to stop ACH fraud before it becomes a loss.

Filters allow you to specify companies that you authorize to debit your account. You can also set specific criteria, such as dollar range or standard entry class (SEC). Any ACH debit transaction that does not match the criteria will be held as an exception item. Based on your preferences, exceptions can be returned as unauthorized, approved as a one-time debit or approved and added to the list of authorized companies.

ACH Debit Block

ACH Debit Block functions the same as ACH Positive Pay but prevents any ACH debit transactions from posting.

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