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ACH Payments

Save time and effort by using electronic payments for payables such as payroll, vendor payments and Health Savings Account contributions. Multiple payments are processed with just a single debit to your account. This is a simple way to reduce check fraud while eliminating the time it takes to print, write and mail checks. With fewer transactions debited from your account, it also makes account reconcilement easier.


Wire Transfers

Funds are transferred electronically by initiating domestic or international wires. Templates are easily created for repetitive wires. Wires are particularly useful in transferring high dollar amounts.


Online Bill Pay

Save time by paying your bills electronically with Online Bill Pay. One-time or recurring payments can be scheduled for up to one year in advance. As an added convenience, you can also receive your bills electronically with eBills.

Remote Deposit

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ACH is also available for your receivables.

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