Eliminate the paper and view your deposit account and loan statements online. With electronic statements (eStatements) you can:

  • End the Paper Clutter and Filing
  • Receive Statement One Business Day After Statement is Cut
  • View, Print or Search for Specific Check Number
  • View Front & Back of Checks
  • Safely Access Statements Online:
    • - 18-Month History for Deposit Accounts
    • - 13-Month History for Loan Statements
  • Save your Statement on Compact Disk or Flash Drive for Permanent Space Saving Storage
  • Alleviate Mail Fraud or Mail Theft
  • Help the Environment

How it Works

Electronic statements look identical to the statements you receive in the mail. Once you sign up for eStatements, you will receive a monthly e-mail letting you know that your statement is ready. After you logon to Online Banking, your statements will appear when you click on the “Statements” tab on the left hand navigation bar.

How to Sign Up

Simply sign into Online Banking and click on the menu item "Statements", on the left hand navigational bar. Select "Online" as the statement delivery method, check that you have read the disclosures and hit submit. That's it.

Become more Eco-Friendly

If 20% of U.S. households switched to electronic statements, bills, and payments, every year the collective impact would save 147 million pounds of paper, reduce wastewater by 1.6 billion gallons, use 7 million fewer trash bags and preserve 1,069 acres of forest from deforestation*. Switching to eStatements is a move you can feel good about.